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Italian Community Services 2023

Support and Serve the Community

$13,406 raised

$100,000 goal

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As we begin the new year, we continue to listen to our community to determine how to best support and serve. We plan to continue our current initiatives and create new opportunities to provide support, which includes the following:

We are looking to make connecting with the community in-person easier for seniors by assisting with transportation needs, not only to help them join us for our weekly events, but to run errands, visit the doctor, and more. We aim to combine volunteer, ride-share, and shared van options to meet this community need.

Training and Connections
Technology is both an opportunity and a challenge for many in our community. Based on a recent tech survey conducted within our community, specific tutorials, including in-home assistance, will be offered leveraging partner organizations and volunteers.

To further combat isolation, ICS is re-launching the FriendLine phone call program to ensure our community members have a friendly and regular point of contact.

Youth Engagement
Preserving Italian culture is a foundational value of ICS. In 2023 we will place more emphasis on better engaging our youth. We’d like to encourage our Italian and Italian-American young people to remember the accomplishments of those who came before them, while also inspiring them to make their own marks.

Expanded Direct Community Support
As we prioritize the requests of our community, we work to ensure our community’s basic needs are met. We do this through targeted financial support which includes rent, utilities, and grocery assistance for those who most need it within our community. As costs continue to rise, we see more need in this area.

If you believe in the work we are and will continue to do, we kindly ask you to consider donating to Italian Community Services.